Crêperie and French cuisine, Jersey Channel Islands

Our story

French cuisine

CocoRico was founded in 2011 by Brittany born Sébastien Perrais.

Five years on, this charming creperie café, situated in the heart of St. Helier, Jersey, still maintains its passion and respect for French delicacies, authentic ingredients and traditional preparation techniques.

A simple love story between one man as his food has resulted in this delightful eatery, with its enticing smells, sensational flavours and charming ambience, CocoRico represents everything that is quality French cuisine


Sébastien Perrais

I was born in Brittany, France, where crêpes, galettes, gaufres and macarons are very much part of our local cuisine.

I am passionate about these delicacies and it is of much importance to me that their authentic ingredients and preparations are respected.

Bon appétit!